Single-Origin: Monsoon Medley (2lbs+)

$34.00 - $118.80
  • Single-Origin: Monsoon Medley (2lbs+)
  • Single-Origin: Monsoon Medley (2lbs+)

Looking for a smooth, mellow coffee? Try Monsooned Malabar from India. We offer this single-origin bean as "Monsoon Medley."

Exposure to the moist monsoon winds, a process unique to India, replicates what used to happen in olden days when coffee travelled in wooden ships. Back then, the long six-month trip over the open seas would completely transform the beans by the time they arrived in Europe.

The Result: A medium/medium-dark roast coffee with a super low acidity that's easy on the stomach.



We roast and ship on Mondays. Place orders by Noon PT on the Friday before each week's roast.

Quantities Available: Two pounds, five pounds and ten pounds.

Bag Options: Packed in large 5# bags or (for $1.50/pound extra) small 1# bags.

Price INCLUDES SHIPPING . Most orders will ship via UPS GROUND. We use Priority Mail for two pound orders, PO Boxes, APO/DPO/FPO, and states/territories with slower delivery. See the FAQs for specifics.

We only offer whole beans (i.e. no pre-ground coffee).