ROASTING SCHEDULE: We roast coffee on Mondays (except for a few major holidays) and ship out that afternoon. 

ORDER DEADLINE: To be included in Monday's roast, please place orders by 12pm (Pacific Time) on the Friday before.

WHAT HAPPENS TO ORDERS PLACED ON SATURDAY/SUNDAY? Orders placed after the deadline will be included in the next week's roast. 

HOW MUCH EXTRA IS SHIPPING? The price includes shipping via Priority Mail.

WHERE DO WE SHIP? We organized this webstore to handle orders for US customers only. Customers located outside the US should call us (650-366-5453) or send an email ( to see whether we ship to your country. 

CAN WE SHIP VIA UPS? Call us at 650-366-5453 if you want/require UPS shipping. [Note: minimum five pounds]  We will adjust pricing to account for the higher/lower cost of UPS.  For a five pound shipment, expect UPS Ground to cost $10-20 (vs $12.80 for Priority Mail), depending upon distance and any residential/rural surcharges. 

GREEN COFFEE: We only sell roasted coffee through this web store. Call us at 650-366-5453 ext 2 to inquire about green coffee sales. The minimum that we sell directly is one bag (100-132 lbs). For smaller quantities, try 1st Line Equipment (Malabar Gold, Monsooned Malabar, Kaapi Royale) or Coffee Project (Malabar Gold, Monsooned Malabar, Kaapi Royale, Monsooned Robusta, and MS Estate Cauvery Microlot).

RETURN POLICY: Since coffee is a perishable product, we do not accept returns. If there is an error with your order or if you are otherwise dissatisfied, please contact us by phone (650-366-5453) or e-mail ( as we would like to work with you to resolve any issues.