Creating a Perfect Espresso

  • Creating a Perfect Espresso
  • Creating a Perfect Espresso
  • Creating a Perfect Espresso
  • Creating a Perfect Espresso

For 30+ years, our founder (Dr Joseph John) has been teaching and writing extensively about espresso. Many cafe owners, roasters, and baristas discover him at trade shows such as Coffee Fest where he’s taught popular classes such as “Espresso and Coffee: More Different than You Think” and “Blending for an Italian Espresso.” Others encounter his writings in Roast Magazine, Fresh Cup and other coffee industry publications.

With “Creating a Perfect Espresso,” we’ve compiled Dr John’s full range of expertise into a single book that captures his and Josuma’s distinct point of view on espresso. While other roasters and importers think of espresso as “just another way to brew a coffee bean,” we know that treating espresso as its own thing is the key first step towards producing espresso that is sweeter and creamier than the best cup of drip coffee.

And unlike other espresso educators, we also don’t start our discussion with the roasted bean. This book takes a farm-to-cup approach knowing that choices made in bean sourcing and roasting can impact espresso as much as decisions about equipment and extraction.

Published: 2023
Pages: 134


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