• Image of Espresso Samples for Prospective Wholesale Partners

We encourage potential Wholesale Partners to start with a two-pound sample of Malabar Gold Espresso.

In placing your order, enter the Wholesale Partner Discount Code we’ve provided to you. This will reduce the price from what's listed on this page to the $25 actual charge (which includes Free Shipping). Note: while we don't offer free samples, we will credit the charge against your first purchase.*

With the sample, you can test (A) whether your staff/equipment can produce espresso comparable to what we (or one of our customers) served you and (B) how your shop’s most popular milk-based drinks taste when they start with Malabar Gold.

LIMIT: One sample (2 lbs) per customer.

Don’t have a Wholesale Discount Code? Visit our website, learn about our Wholesale Program, and submit an application: http://www.josuma.com/wholesale/

* SAMPLE CREDIT CONDITIONS: Order 10+ pounds within 30 days of the sample shipment, we will credit the entire cost of the samples to that purchase.